Icosahedron Origami ball -  Our next project! for the 20th July

 Present Barbara
apologies from Wendy, and Cookie didn't crumble from Kylie!
in discussion, 
  • New Website. Going well, will continue to adapt and build, accepting ideas from members
  • Advertising the group, Tracey has a few good free ideas, and access to some avenues through the shop and Bris Style. We discussed how opening it up will mean we will have to behave more politely and professionally within the group, the group should be a supportive non threatening environment for all ladies attending. We discussed the possible hiring of differing teachers at meetings, to enable us to continue to learn and grow, whilst support Tracey's business venture, as we have chosen her shop as a suitable place to hold meetings.
New Meetings, next meeting is the 20th July at 7pm, at Side Street Vintage. $10 payable for room hire/coffee/tea/supplies. We will be learning how to make an Origami decorative ball (Icosahedron)!! If you wish to participate