2015 Happy New Year

Hello all you lovely UWA ladies - you will be pleased to find out Wendy has taken us in hand and has started to organise us (Barbara and Rachel - we needed it) 
I have updated this blog layout and despite all our best intentions the other blog did not work out too well!! So here we are.
You can still get all the info and goss on Facebook.
You will notice the pages at the top of this blog, just under the title - here you will find our schedule for the whole YEAR - oh yeah you read that right!! A WHOLE YEAR!!!!

We will be starting out in February with Crochet, and with each month having a theme, we will have lots of posts during the month relating to that theme. So February will have lots of crochet related posts to fire up your enthusiasm!! 
"But I can't crochet" I hear you cry, this will be a perfect time to learn, we will be on hand to teach you :) 
or the flip side 
"I can already crochet" well bring along your crochet project to work on :) and inspire us all.
We understand that you won't be able to make all of the meetings, but hope to see a few more faces, and more regularly. Remember this group has been started as a support and network for those of us living in an urban area, and to pass around our crafty skills. If there are ideas or suggestions to make this bigger and better please let us know.

Icosahedron Origami ball -  Our next project! for the 20th July

 Present Barbara
apologies from Wendy, and Cookie didn't crumble from Kylie!
in discussion, 
  • New Website. Going well, will continue to adapt and build, accepting ideas from members
  • Advertising the group, Tracey has a few good free ideas, and access to some avenues through the shop and Bris Style. We discussed how opening it up will mean we will have to behave more politely and professionally within the group, the group should be a supportive non threatening environment for all ladies attending. We discussed the possible hiring of differing teachers at meetings, to enable us to continue to learn and grow, whilst support Tracey's business venture, as we have chosen her shop as a suitable place to hold meetings.
New Meetings, next meeting is the 20th July at 7pm, at Side Street Vintage. $10 payable for room hire/coffee/tea/supplies. We will be learning how to make an Origami decorative ball (Icosahedron)!! If you wish to participate


Ok ladies prepare for a shock, we are back. We have secured a venue and would very much like to see you there!
The date is the 22nd June, and the time is 7pm. The venue is Tracey Hopper's shop, Side Street Vintage, 5/85 Riding Road (entrance in Monmouth Street) Hawthorne (the old Stamp and Scrapbook Madness).
There will be a charge for, venue & subscription of $10 inclusive.
This first meeting we will be revisiting an oldie and a goodie by making rice heat bags. Please bring some rice (or wheat) and fabric, or $4 to cover the cost of your materials.
We are opening the group up to general public too, so invite away. Please text either Barbara (0418118283) or Rachel (044776492) or contact Tracey at Side Street Vintage 3399 2729 to let us know you are coming.
Or you can email feybel@hotmail.com.

Rachel here!

Just a quick update (Rachel here)! We have had huge problems with the blog and trying to take it further to provide us with a website, containing the "BLOG" a forum, an information page (welcome mat) and to try to open it up further to all and sundry. 
It has not been forgotten about, Barbara has been working full time at PaperTrenz and with my unexpected expectancy life has thrown us a bit of a curved ball!
We intend to re-commence monthly meetings once Barbara has moved, and life is more settled.
We had purchased internet hosting to put up the website, and have a web designer available to us but with Blogger and Godaddy issues it has not been possible and for a while the blog was not accessible! even to us. I am about to alert Barbara that I have managed to at least get it accessible for now! 
Keep your eyes open for news and updates!

September's Meeting

Apologies from    Fiona
In Attendance     Barbara
                          Tina - Welcome 

In discussion was the trial and implementation of a club library system for the borrowing of tools/equipment etc, between members at this stage. Kylie has been suggested as the librarian as she is a librarian and has the required knowledge. This was supported and trials are ongoing.
With the investigation of other clubs library systems, so that the association has the best system for its needs.
In discussion is the need to have rules and welcome pack prior to the association going live, and anyone with any helpful information for Barbara is welcome to forward it to her, again we will be investigating similar clubs to see how they present this information and will be a topic for continued discussion.
The Buddy Card Swaps seem to still be popular and this month the theme is HALLOWEEN!!! Instead of drawing a name out of the hat though please bring your card to the meeting in an envelope where it will be placed in a box for distribution on the night!

This months shoe box challenge was a huge hit thanks to Wendy and Liz who put in an awesome amount of effort, with Wendy getting us all making personalised tissue box covers.....yes OFF THE PAGE!!! and Liz with a fantastic sparkly black embossed card, completed with water colouring using inks and ink dyed fabric flowers.
Rachel also provided a flower card kit although her plans to make a flower shaping pad were thwarted by the DVD cases being the wrong depth!!! 

Next month's meeting is to be held at Fiona's and is a complete your UFO (Unfinished Object) night

August Meeting

The August meeting was held at Rachel's house in the downstairs "poker/office" room.
In attendance ....... Rachel

Discussion during the meeting involved the website and eventually opening up membership to the general public. BlueHost run a website hosting service for $5/month which would be affordable and allow us to have lots of features such as a forum! and the blog etc. We will continue to discuss this and hopefully move forward with the idea.

The next meeting to be held on the 17th September is being held again at Rachel's house but instead of her hosting a 'project' a shoebox challenge has been issued.
Basically design a card/tag/or other small project, then put together a small kit with enough materials for every participant to make one (or a mini kit 'ette' for each participant). Example a card made with a patterned paper front and paper flower embellishment. Will require a kit containing 6 card blanks, 6 pieces of patterned paper, and 6 paper flowers. 

Secret buddy card was up and running again with the 'theme' being funny cards made in monochrome! Should provoke some interesting creations!

Dates for your Diary

October meeting 15/10/11 at Fiona's
November meeting at Wendy's (date to be confirmed)
December meeting 10/12/11 at Fay's Christmas Wonderland