Honary guest

Pics from April Meeting

Hey there crafty ladies!
Now that I have started taming some of that chaos that is my house I have finally found my camera cord so I could upload pics onto the blog.
I had to wait for my back to get  a bit better  - picking everything up off the floor with a plastic grabby claw all day just isn't as fun as it used to be ;)

Fay studiously at work
A proud Rachel - brave despite her imperfect seams ;)
Wendy giggly with triumph
Dianne the over-achiever proudly displaying her excessive amount of patches
Lyndal giddy with delight over how well the evening went, and Moya quietly reserved
Who says patchwork isn't sexy? (anyone looking at me in this picture I suspect ;)

Also don't forget that this month's meeting is also at Lyndal's house, to finish off the cushions we started.
I shall be sending out a full email today.


30th April Meeting - Lyndal's House

During the latest meeting it was decided that a small portion of our get together should be in a formal (ish) meeting stylee. It was decided that heading the committee as president/chairwomen would be Barbara, Treasurer was given to Wendy as she is a banker. Secretary is me - Rachel (Funkibubl).

Therefore the minutes of the meeting are as follows

In attendance Barbara, Wendy, Rachel, Lyndal (host), Fay, Dianne, and Mora, apologies for absence from Fiona - who expressed a desire to participate in this meetings secret buddy card.
Items for discussion
  • fees for attendance
  • Secret buddy card
  • blog
  • tools library
It was discussed and decided that a small fee payable each month at meeting, to assist with purchasing materials was not unreasonable and decided upon at $5 each payable to Wendy who will control the piggy bank.
Secret Buddy cards were overall a success, with all present choosing to participate again. This time around though if we could all please bring the card we receive to the meeting.
The UWA blog was discussed and Barbara added Wendy and myself as administrators, also discussed was the idea of adding a list of members and their skills. This item is for continued discussion and improvement all comments welcome.
A tools library was discussed, with Barbara already having a very stylish personal catalogue available for members to look through, I already decided I will need to Cuttlebug some scary Halloween cats.

This concludes the first minutes of the UWA.
and not a mention of Regina Falanges, or a doodah at all