Rachel here!

Just a quick update (Rachel here)! We have had huge problems with the blog and trying to take it further to provide us with a website, containing the "BLOG" a forum, an information page (welcome mat) and to try to open it up further to all and sundry. 
It has not been forgotten about, Barbara has been working full time at PaperTrenz and with my unexpected expectancy life has thrown us a bit of a curved ball!
We intend to re-commence monthly meetings once Barbara has moved, and life is more settled.
We had purchased internet hosting to put up the website, and have a web designer available to us but with Blogger and Godaddy issues it has not been possible and for a while the blog was not accessible! even to us. I am about to alert Barbara that I have managed to at least get it accessible for now! 
Keep your eyes open for news and updates!


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